About Us
A Tradition of Excellence, Est. 1982

We have shared our lives with Mastiffs since 1982. We started off by fulfilling a small wish of my husband’s… upon buying our first home; we would buy a Mastiff puppy. Little did I know then what an impact this simple purchase would have on our lives. Thanks to that first pup we have had some of the top Mastiffs in the Nation, almost consistently since 1985. We have enjoyed the sport of showing dogs. Dog showing itself is one of the oldest sports in the United States, second only to the Kentucky Derby. We have also produced some very nice puppies in our time. However, in all of this time we have never used our dogs or pups to supplement our incomes. In contrast we spend quite a fortune on our dogs, their comfort and their health not to mention food.

We have had the privilege of living with five generations of Southport Mastiffs (four generations of Southport bred). Most recently we lost one of our oldest ladies; she has left a void that only time will fill. She was the last of the first generation of Southport bred Mastiffs, however those before her were our foundation. Her sire was Byron (he was that first puppy I spoke of) her dam was Rose these two together with Orpheus and Bianca were our foundation dogs. Along our way we have bred outside of our original lines to other outstanding kennels and purchased dogs to compliment our breeding program. However, all that we are today and all that we stand for is due to our foundation Mastiffs. We honor their memories and the nobility with which they lived their lives by the reputation we have built.


    Southport Mastiffs, Est. 1982