The Sabrina Story...

Sabrina is our "Meagle". Mom is a PRA affected Mastiff, and dad is a
Beagle mix from the RDSF (Retinal Diease Study Faculity). She is part
of the PRA STUDY conducted by the MCOA PRA Committee and
Dr. Acland at the RDSF in an effort to help determine the mode of
inheritance of PRA in Mastiffs.

If you would like more information on PRA, the study, or to see Sabrina's
parents or littermates, check out MCOA's website:

We arrive at Carrie's house

Leaving Carrie's house

On the road home, off I-5

Stopping for gas

Sabrina is home at Southport

Sabrina meets the cats

Sabrina visits Temecula

1st visit to PetCo

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